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Meet the girl born without a face, underwent 45 surgeries & got a new face

There are certain natural phenomena which can never be taken into account and thus the outcome cannot be predicted. Like natural disasters which occur unplanned, there are other things which are not under the control of human beings. It is a good practice to understand and differentiate between the things which can be under one’s control and which cannot be since the world is natural so nothing unnatural of the sort can happen to anyone.

There are certain cases in the world which often intrigue human but no explanation can be found or offered. There is this girl named Juliana Wetmore who was born without a face and her story went viral on the internet and she almost became a media sensation.

The face of this innocent girl didn’t look like a human when she was born and her mother was so shocked at the delivery that she could barely whisper to seek her daughter by saying where is she? Where is her face?

The father of the girl had to muster his courage and in order to prepare the mother he took a picture of the baby and showed it to the mother. He helped her embrace the reality by preparing her for what she was about to see. Tami Wetmore had a rough delivery and that is why she hadn’t seen her daughter yet.

In the initial days, as the news broke out most people were not happy and supportive at all, in fact, they did everything to remove any positive energy from the family. One of the people on the internet even gave a negative remark by suggesting the family that the baby should have been euthanized. Julian’s doctors were horrified after knowing about the comment and they called it sheer ignorance.

Baby girl suffers from a genetic condition called as Treacher Collins Syndrome, it’s a condition in which almost 40 percent of the bones of the face is missing from the face of the newborn. However, after undergoing almost 45 surgeries she’s making a steady progress. The parents of Julian think that she has proved to the world that if they aren’t looking inside a person then they are making a grave mistake.

Juliana giving an Interview

Julianna attends elementary school in Clay County, Florida. She now communicates easily with her friends using this sign language. She can also talk but that is at the moment barely understandable. The parents of the girl are quite confident that she will improve with time especially after receiving medical treatment. The first goal for the baby girl is that she may eat normally and do it on our own since at the moment she is receiving liquid nutrition through a tube. Because of the surgeries, she is now able to swallow and digest some items like Italian ice.

Julianna told her parents that she is quite satisfied with her looks and she has made a peace with herself. The family does not plan to force her to undergo more surgeries. Julianna has now another sister after the parents adapted similar children.

Adopted Sister of Juliana

You might like to watch her interview which got featured on USA Today.

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