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Meet Afghanistan ‘U.S. veteran’ Kinessa Johnson, Most badass woman who hunts poachers in Africa

Kinessa Johnson has signed up for ‘Veterans Empowered’ in order to protect the African wild life. She is assigned as an anti-poaching advisor following her visit to Afghanistan.

Kenessa Johnson is getting famous for her stance against the wild life cruelty. She is tattooed army veteran and is a hunter. It’s the animals and wild life which she is protecting rather than shooting them for sport.

She was placed in Afghanistan as a weapon instructor and mechanic.

She says that their intention is not to harm anyone but to rather train park rangers so they can actually track the poachers and ultimately prevent the animals from getting harmed. Veterans Empowered also aim to train Rangers to prevent trigger pulling through strategic movements. Since most of the times, any weapon wielding person is considered as a threat and Rangers don’t think much to pull the trigger.

Veterans Empowered in an NGO. She said in a radio interview that she never thought to end up in this position. She was merely a diesel engine mechanic in the U.S. army and also worked in gun shops. So, one day she got an opportunity to work in Africa against the poachers. She said that it was more like a blessing in disguise. A cause for which one can feel passionate and noble.

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She said that it kind of gave her a purpose. A lot of veterans feel lost when they get out of the army. They kind of lose their purpose.

Coming to her emotional side, when she got out of the army, she also felt lost. She was always hard on her own self, finding her purpose was something on her mind. So she actually went through that phase of “I’ve no idea what I’m doing”.

In an interview, she said that she joined the army at the age of 21. She wanted to get out of her town and she wanted to find some purpose. She thought the army would be a good place to blend in for the reasons she had in her mind.

She also said that being a female is kind of hard in the military but still you’ve to prove your worth and then the thing goes fine. She said that she was a decent mechanic while all her peers were male.

Kinessa Johnson

We’ve also lined up an interview with Kinessa Johnson, in case if you feel interested in her and want to know more about her personality. You can watch her interview below:

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