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McDonald’s workers march on new Chicago HQ to fight for $15 an hour wages

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McDonald’s workers have stormed the new corporate headquarters in downtown Chicago. The protest was seen emerging today. Workers alleged that the McDonald played a fair role in promoting institutionalized poverty, especially among the minorities. Many McDonald’s workers were seen participating in the protest. The major demand was $15 an hour wages.

The workers chanted, “McDonald’s, McDonald’s, you can’t hide, we can see your greedy side.” Fight for 15 tweeted a video of the protest on their Twitter page, see it below:

The labour movement, firght for $15 started in 2012. The protestors accussed McDonalds for reneging a promise which the company had made with the workers. The promise according to the protesters was to pay the workers $1 above the minimum wages set by the government. A labour group stated that companies like McDonalds actually fight higher wages.

McDonalds claim that its tuition assistant program for employees is one of the many other initiatives to prove that it actually cares for its workers. The company along with its franchises employs around 1.9 million people from the entire world.

In April 2015, according to CBS News, McDonalds had claimed that it would be paying its 90k workers, $1 above the minimum local wage set by the government. CEO Steve Easterbrook had created the plan to give more growth to the McDonalds employee ethics.

However, according to the protestors, the company failed to keep a pace with its claims. McDonald’s even issued a statement that the increment decision was a one time decision taken in the past, the policy wouldn’t be taken further.

The campaign demands for $15 hourly wage. The movement is backed by NAACP and their survey reveals that along with this low pay issue, most of the workers of color are mis-representated in fast food restaurants.

According to CBS News, “McDonald’s reported net revenue of $5.34 billion on $22.82 billion in revenue in 2017.”

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