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McDonalds worker ‘Fired’ who freaks out at guy wanting to place his order

Written by Wamiq Ali

The dude in the video warned the girl several times that she was about to lose her job but she didn’t care. She kept on freaking out despite having an option to deal with the issue at hand in order to avoid a bellicose situation. The dude tried to reason with the employee but she wasn’t ready to listen to any semantic argument.

I’m not gonna get rude, I’m not gonna get rude – says the guy during the heated argument with a female McDonalds employee

The dude in the video had previously problems with the same McDonalds outlet. This time he decided to film everything and put it on the internet to seek the justice. The dude accused the management of having lack of manner. The dude was called inside the outlet to place his order but according to him, no one came forward to actually book his order.

Dude went ahead, asked the employee her name, she started ranting as if she was waiting for the right moment to have a staged encounter with the dude. She showed discretion telling her name in the video which makes the things feel murky. The burgeoning feud took its final shape when the woman started rattling furious words towards the dude in response to his retaliation for his rights.

There can be workers seen in the video paying no response to the dude. The entire situation is kind of difficult to understand but one thing is for sure that the woman could have obviated those angry remarks if she knew the standards of customer care. Dealing with customers is a sacred thing and one must understand the diversity which he is going to face in jobs involving public dealing.

Developments regarding the Starkville McDonalds freakout:

According to our sources who read the comments underneath this video published on Facebook, one guy wrote the following developments regarding the freakout.

So this was uploaded Sunday, and as of now, the woman has been fired. Guy said he wants this to go past the general manager, as she was not the only person who was rude on previous visits. – TrollTan/u/Reddit

Don’t forget to watch the video:

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