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McDonald’s employee gives birth and tries to flush down infant, gets charged with murder attempt

Written by Wamiq Ali

A McDonald’s cashier is facing criminal charges for attempting to flush down the newly born child. She gave birth to a boy while at work and then tried to flush him. It happened inside the Redwood City restaurant.

Sarah Lockner was working the evening shift while she reported a stomach pain. San Mateo County district attorney’s office reported the entire incident. During the night she visited the bathroom of the fast food chain multiple times. The co-workers got worried for her health. A co-worker went to the bathroom and saw the bloody mess on the floor. Lockner tried to dismiss the bloody mess and blamed it on a heavy period. Lockner behaviour wasn’t up to the mark so another co-worker decided to check on her.

The co-worker went behind Lockner in the bathroom. Lockner had her hands down in the toilet bowl and she was holding a baby upside down. The employee then heard the toilet flush. Lockner pleaded the coworker not to call the police.

Anyway, the police were called and they found the baby in Lockner’s arms. The baby wasn’t breathing and had no pulse. The officers performed CPR and rushed the infant to Lucile Packard Children’s Hospital in Palo Alto.

The infant is now alive and in good condition. Lockner says that she didn’t know she was pregnant. She has been charged with child abuse and attempted murder. She is currently being held on $11 million bail.

The neighbours say that she can’t do something like this soulless.

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