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‘Mass Acid Attack’ injured many in the area of a shopping centre in London, one guy lost eye-sight

A mass acid attack has happened to the people of London in a shopping centre. There are reports that a group of people were spraying a harmful acidic substance near Westfield, Stratford. The police immediately arrived at the scene after the initial reports of attack but 6 people were already injured seriously.

London police said that a number of people have been injured in locations within the same area. Paramedics were called to the situation and there are pictures floating of a paramedic treating a victim at Stratford Tube Station. Emergency services were deployed and the pictures posted on the Twitter by the users present at the situation showed sadness.

A twitter user @kushman__ was present at the scene and he also gave warning to anyone near Stratford to stay away. You can watch the video below:

Hossen, who is a Burger King assistant manager said that he saw a victim and his friend run into the fast-food outlet’s bathroom. Both of them were crying in pain and wanted to wash their face as it had been attacked with acid. An eyewitness told Mirror that it didn’t just hit one person, in fact, it was targeted to a crowd of people. There was one guy in the crowd who kept on shouting after the attack. He shouted, “I can’t see, I can’t see, I can’t see.

The guy must have lost his vision because any corrosive substance is too damn harsh for eyes to bear. The cause of the attack is not yet evident but there are reports about some brawl which happened between two groups. 

Stratford Centre, Credits: Mirror

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