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Maryland High School gunman, shot dead after he killed boy, 14 and girl, 16, he ‘had a prior relationship with’

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A teen gunman has died after shooting his two classmates and causing a havoc to the rest of the people in the school. The incident happened at the Maryland high school on Tuesday and the shooter has been identified as the 17yo Austin Wyatt Rollins. Last day, Rollins entered the school with a plan to shoot down his classmates. He got to the school just at the moment when classes were about to be started.

Just as he entered the classroom, he pulled out a gun and shot the 16yo girl, right in front of him. The county sheriff told the media that the boy, Rollins and the 16yo girl had been previously involved in a relationship. However, he was unable to comment on the extent and the depth of the relationship.

The police are not able to comment on the relationship and the possible cause of the shooting. The motives of the incident are not yet clear. However, during the shootout, the school resource officer intervened and brought the bloodbath to an end for the good of the victims.

Austin Wyatt Rollins, 17 on the left and the school resource officer who shot him dead

Jaelynn Willey, the major victim of the shooting continues to fight for her life in ICU

The resource officer said that as Rollins shot the girl he then tried to end his life. However, the resource officer had already taken the action against Rollins by releasing the gunshots. Rollins was immediately taken to the hospital but he died of his wounds. However, it’s unclear if the teen died from his own shot or the resource officer’s one. The resource officer was not injured in the incident.

Sheriff praised the resource officer for taking the right action. The officer had to cover a lot of ground but he followed the sound of gunfire and reacher the pivotal point. Two students were injured critically and were taken to the hospital. The condition of these students is said to be improving with time. The female student is still in ICU battling the life-threatening wounds.

The victims of the incident have not been identified by the authorities and no details of the injured victims and their number has been released at the moment. The Rollins identity came into light and one of his relatives was worried for his safety after the news of the attack broke out to the outside world.

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