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Marvel’s first female-led superhero movie with $455 million opening is Box Office record breaker

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Marvel has not earlier experimented with making a movie using female lead, however, this year Marvel just entered into the business of making a movie while featuring a super-hero female lead. It would be safe to say that the experiment turned out to be a good one and marvel was not disappointed. Captain Marvel broke the box office record with a $455 earning in the first weekend of the release. This is indeed a great achievement for the marvel especially when the movie featured a female lead. The Hollywood Reporter mentioned all this fortune earned by the movie in detail. The movie features Brie Larson as Carol Danvers which is a pilot who later becomes Captain Marvel after she finds herself in the middle of a situation i-e intergalactic war. The co-director and writer Anna Boden was for the first time a woman hired by marvel to be working behind the camera.

This entire success and earning makes Captain Marvel the biggest opening of 2019 and also the first movie to break the $100 million mark this year. This movie has become the second-largest superhero film behind Avengers : Infinity War. However, it’s the biggest launch success for featuring a female-lead for the first time in a Marvel movie. This makes an important point for the future super-hero movies, that the film makers would no longer hesitate to hire a female lead for their movie. This success means that female characters can also mean business for the movie.

Fans also went to the Twitter and praised the acting skills of the Captain Marvel. One fan in all the pleasure wrote that now he might feel safe because Captain Marvel was there for protection. Others shared their views that Captain Marvel was a fun movie to watch. In case if you have not watched the movie trailer earlier, then have a look below:

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