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Margot Robbie receives ‘Barbie’ Tim Tams, Trailblazer award at 2024 AACTA Awards

Margot Robbie’s Sweet Delight: ‘Barbie’ Tim Tams

In a surprising twist, Margot Robbie found herself on the receiving end of a delightful treat – ‘Barbie’ Tim Tams. The unique confectionery gift added a touch of whimsy to the star-studded event, capturing the attention of both the audience and the media. The playful combination of the beloved Australian treat with the glamour of Hollywood created a buzz, showcasing the lighthearted side of the usually sophisticated award ceremonies.


Margot Robbie’s Triumph: The Trailblazer Award

The pinnacle of the night arrived when Margot Robbie was honored with the prestigious Trailblazer Award. Acknowledging her outstanding contributions to the film industry and her fearless approach to roles, the award recognized Robbie as a trailblazer in her own right. Dressed in the iconic gown and relishing her ‘Barbie’ Tim Tams, Robbie’s acceptance speech radiated humility and gratitude. The night concluded with a standing ovation for the actress, marking another unforgettable moment in her illustrious career.

In a single evening, Margot Robbie managed to captivate the audience not only with her stellar acting but also with her bold fashion choices and unexpected sweet indulgence. The 2024 AACTA Awards will be remembered as a night of glamour, surprises, and a well-deserved recognition of Robbie’s trailblazing career in the film industry.