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Margot Robbie receives ‘Barbie’ Tim Tams, Trailblazer award at 2024 AACTA Awards

A Dazzling Night at the 2024 AACTA Awards

The 2024 AACTA Awards kicked off with a bang, as Hollywood sensation Margot Robbie graced the red carpet in a stunning recreation of the iconic Vivienne Westwood SS98 gown. As cameras flashed and fans cheered, Robbie dazzled in her choice of attire, paying homage to the fashion trailblazer while making her own statement. However, the night held more surprises for the acclaimed actress as she received a unique and delectable gift – ‘Barbie’ Tim Tams.

Vivienne Westwood Revisited: Margot’s Bold Fashion Choice

Margot Robbie’s fashion choices have always been a talking point, and this year’s AACTA Awards were no exception. The recreation of Vivienne Westwood’s SS98 gown showcased Robbie’s daring sense of style and her willingness to embrace bold and timeless fashion. The gown, originally a symbol of rebellion, took on new life as Robbie reinterpreted it with her own flair. The homage to Westwood’s design highlighted Robbie’s appreciation for fashion history and her ability to bring new life to iconic looks.