Man who works from home keeps naming his dog employee of the month

People can be strange sometimes, however this is all relative. A strange for one person can be a suitable thing for the other. Hence, most things are relative and there is no absolute scale on which such intangible things can be measured. Working from home has some good perks, one can feel at home every time and can get the benefits of having the good food available 24/7.

However, there is one thing which can make working at home to be quite a boring practice. There are no friends at a home work place. But the advantage of being the boss of one own self is quite amazing. The freedom is something which most people prefer as compared to the tight schedule of a job. This guy works from home and he names his dog as the employee of the month. He has been doing this practice for quite long.

This is the story about a distribution sales manager who works from home. Michael Reeg from Georgia has a dog Meeka which he considers as a real asset. He considers the dog as a best friend because it doesn’t allow him to feel lonely during work hours. The dog has in a way eased the transition of Michael Reeg to the telecommuting. Meeka is quite punctual. She turns up to the work regardless the presence of Michael. She goes there like every model employee would do for his employer. Meeka is quite enthusiastic for the work, when she finds the door of the office shut, she doesn’t leave for taking a rest. Instead she prefers to sit outside the door. Michael Reeg was interviewed by The Dodo. He said that transitioning to home based work was not an easy thing. He said that it was quiet and devoid of excitement. Thus, according to him, the dog helped him cover that journey.

Michael revealed that he preferred to talk to Meeka in times of stress or when he needed some brainstorming to solve customer problems. According to Michael, Meeka deserved to be named as employee of the month, every single time.

Meeka gets named employee of the month every single time because she is such a good time for her owner and co-worker.

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