Man who escaped prison returned by wife two hours later

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In Colorado, a husband was snitched at by his wife after he was able to get out of jail due to an identity mix-up.

Rynerson, 35, was able to take another guy’s clothing and debit card after forging his signature. He then left the jail and bragged about his good luck to his wife. According to a media report he was arrested in May of this year on charges of menacing, trespassing and disorderly conduct. Another convict was transferred to his cell, his name is Marvin March. March was transferred on temporary bases because his own cell was closed for renovations. March was then moved back to his original cell after the renovations were done. But this moving back record was not registered in the system. When March was to be released, the release was made in his own cell where he had been moved out from. The only person present in the cell at that time was Rynerson and he got released.

March, 35, later moved back to his original cell but the jail records didn’t immediately make note of the changes. When March was called for release they went into Rynerson’s cell and he came out. His luck was at its peak at the time because no one checked his wristband with the name on documentation.

After making such return, he would never have thought that his luck would betray him in such a way. Red flags were raised when March asked an officer about his release. This baffled the deputy and he thought there must be something wrong. But what’s shocking is that Rynerson’s wife, who found her husband in the garage of her own house. He bragged about his escape from his wife and how his luck helped him out. She immediately took her straight back to the holding facility. He was out of the jail for two hours only. It’s subjective if he is unlucky or not.

Truth to be told, he seems unlucky because he paid price for his little trip because new charges were the brought against him including escape, forgery, criminal impersonation, and theft.

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