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Man uses wet CAT to wash Mercedes as activists slam ‘blatant animal cruelty’

Written by Wamiq Ali

A shocking video showing a cruel man using a cat to wash his own Mercedes has emerged online which has received reactions from people all around the world. The video contributed a lot to the worldwide Social Media pandemonium. People from all around the web are hoarsely criticising the man who is involved in the sickening video.

The bizarre moment of this man was caught on camera and filmed when he used a cat to wash his car. The man was filmed by a friend, the identity of whom is yet unknown, while he washed his Mercedes SUV using a cat.

The police is now taking action against the man and they are investigating the case, whereabouts of this man are yet unknown but he’ll soon be under the clutch of the police.

Social Media activists have called the act as ‘animal cruelty’ in a collective tirade once the video got viral. The man grabbed the car which was sleeping under the vehicle and then he started dipping it in the water to clean his own car, as a punishment. The car of the man was parked in Gulkevichsky District of south-western Russia’s Krasnodar Krai region.

The man held the cat by the scruff of the neck, he then rubbed the cat’s fur against the car to clean it. He dipped the cat in the wash bucket to make it a little wet for easy removal of the stains on the car. The friend of the man along with him can be heard laughing.

The video is a pure disaster, TalkOfWeb doesn’t endorse any of the actions provided in the video or done by the man. We strongly disagree with his actions and believe that animals must be kept with care and love as they can’t speak or demand.

Someone commented, “Someone should wipe the car bonnet with the man’s own face.”

Note: Don’t watch the video if you feel that you have a thing for the cats, or you believe that the video must not be watched.

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