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Man uses female snapchat filters on Tinder and gets more than 1500 matches

Written by Logical Men

Snapchat started as a small company but it has grown up into a good sized social media network. The application features chatting with snaps, one can send snaps during the chats which expire after a specified period of time. It gives privacy and added confidence to the users who are engaged in the chatting session. The success of Snapchat can be measured by the fact that Facebook tried to acquire it recently. This shows the value of the social media application.

On the other hand, with the passage of time, Snapchat has released different lens. These lens are meant to alter the appearance of the user, who attempts to take and send a snap. Snapchat in an update has released female filters which can make a man appear like a female. One British man decided to take this a step further. He took pictures of himself using the filter and uploaded the data on his fake tinder profile. Yes, he pretended to be a woman on tinder by uploading his pictures taken through the female Snapchat filter.

Jake Askew thought that he looked good as a woman and surprisingly he was right. On tinder he got 1500+ likes, which is a good number considering him a man. In addition to these likes, he also got matched with 200-400 people. Jess also received a good number of wedding proposals on the dating application. The guy said that he b started all this for sake of fun and little did he knew that he would get such an overwhelming response.

In an interview given to the Unilad, the guy said that he tried the weird Snapchat filter which made him look good as a woman. He was sitting with a friend and they decided to make a tinder profile based on that filter. Jake shared the results on Twitter and instantly became famous. The post went viral as everyone could see that around 1500 thirsty lads liked his picture.

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