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Man uses an entire year for plotting revenge against the troll who spoiled infinity war for him

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A disgruntled Marvel man spent an entire year for plotting a revenge scheme against a troll who spoiled infinity wars for him.

It’s an era of the internet and social media is a huge part of the information technology. It’s a good source of entertainment and information, scrolling through the memes is a pretry good activity. However, similar memes can also contain spoilers of the moves which you haven’t yet watched. These days, internet users often share spoilers of Game of Thrones. Similarly, spoilers for Avengers: Endgame were also released in the similar fashion. Those who haven’t watched the climax of the intended movie for which spoilers are released, often feel irritated on coming across such leaks. Therefore, if one wants to experience the revelations himself then he should try to stay away from the social media.

The man, featured in this article, had successfully avoided any potential spoilers on the social media. However, he became irritated when he came across one of his followers on his Instagram account. This one follower had released every details of the Avengers attempt to curb down Thanos, right in the comments section of his Instagram account.

The man was horrified to find out that the troll had filled the comments section of his Instagram account. Obviously, the man was annoyed. At this juncture, many people would throw a quick insult or two and move on later. However, the annoyed man decided to do something else, as he came up with a cunning revenge scheme.

After carrying out his plan, the man shared his plan on Reddit. He explained how Infinity War had been ruined because of this one intransigent man. He had used a hashtag “Thanosdemandsyoursilence” and someone was following these tags. One guy came to the profile of the man and started to comment some serious spoilers details. The guy who commented, spoiled the entire movie for the innocent man, who read all those comments. 

Revenge Starts!

He messaged the troll and told him that his prank was awesome. In the messages he informed the troll that he had already watched Infinity War; therefore, his efforts were useless. For the next seven months, he spent most of his spare time with the troll. In fact, he was trying to strengthen the base of his revenge plot.

He waited for the time when Avengers: Endgame got released. He bought tickets of the first show, making sure that he watched the movie before the troll. He snapped every important turning point and sent it to the troll all at once, while he was chatting with him. The troll said that this wasn’t something good as the prank was played one year back. However, the man had taken his cool revenge.

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