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Man uses 11 shipping containers to build his 2,500 square foot dream house

Innovation needs creativity – an adage which this man has proved through his effort to build his own 2,500 sqft dream house.

When it comes to owning a home, most people forget about everything – all they care about is their dreams and requirements. Owning a house can still be a dream for many people, but not for this one Houston resident of McGowen street.

House owner says that a lot of people stop by to have a look at the Container House

This 11-container home has become a centre of the attention of not only the passersby but also some unique visitors from far off places. It’s a pretty amazing structure of its kind. Probably unique as well as a marvel of fine engineering.

The man behind the construction shares his unique story in a blog post. He somewhat feels frustrated with the wrong kind of attention which his project gained due to the bloggers and content creators, who somehow mis-represented his project.

The Container house at night shows a unique scene which is ubiquitous in this picture

It’s pretty amazing to learn that he preferred to build the entire structure on his own, as he is found quoting in his blog post, “I’m a doer, not someone who just comments.”

Because of the metallic structure, he has used insulation on the walls. This way the external heat and internal temperature would find no way to escape inside or outside.

Owner says that he has barely touched the second and third floor, meanwhile ground floor is liveable, he has used fence on the outside

According to an update, which the house owner posted on 9th of November, 2019; he mentioned that only the structure is completed. The interiors of the second and third floor at moment are not complete. According to his update, two third of the house stands complete. On the third floor, he hasn’t installed windows and doors because of the extra time needed for framing them into the structure.

He wanted to do own a house for a long time, until he stood up for himself and took the job with all the zeal and zest

Many people thought that the neighbours of the container house might feel offended by this unique project. However, the house owner in a blog post negated the theory. He mentioned that the neighbourhood is pretty friendly and supportive of the project and there is no need for them to feel angry. He wrote, “My neighbours don’t hate me.”

Further, he also got approvals from the relative authorities. It’s impossible to build or own a house in the modern world without getting a certificate of clearance. The design which he made was passed by the authorities in flying colours.

The container house fulfils every requirement of a modern day living

Over the time, this container house as attained much attention online. The only thing which this project shows is the courage which its designer and owner has shown to break the barriers of innovation. Most people like to own a traditional house; however, keeping in mind his limitations Will Breaux decided to design and own his house – using his own resources at hand.

He deserves much respect. Credits: Will Breaux

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