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Man tries to board and take his horse on train, train conductors irate

Written by Logical Men

Imagine sitting on the train and all of a sudden a man comes while attempting to board his horse on the train as well. This would be a different situation for anyone. At least I have never witnessed such a passenger in my entire life. The female passengers are going to dislike it mostly because they don’t like messy stuff to happen. Anyway, this happened in reality when an Austrian man arrived at the station.

He tried boarding his two passenger trains with his horse. He names his horse as Frieda. The train conductors became angry and told him to stay away from the train.

The photos of this man were taken through the smartphone. Later, these photos were shared on the Twitter. These pictures went viral on the internet and the laughing passengers by the side of this man can be easily witnessed in the pictures. The critics said that the horses on the train can be dangerous. They are powerful enough to harm any passengers if instigated for violence. The animals often become frightened and start to attack the surrounding things.

According to the official recommendations, small animals can be taken on the trains. These small animals must be able to sit inside the containers for travel purpose. It’s definitely not the first time when a horse owner was spotted attempting to board his horse on the train. There were other events in the history which happened on a similar script.

A few years back in 2011 a man was filmed taking his horse to the train. He wanted to board the Wales train. He also bought tickets for himself and the animals. Just like this horse Freida, that horse was huge enough to enter the train. The conductors were also cautious about this move.

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