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Man took revenge on woman for parking car outside his house, wrapped the entire car using cling-film

A man obviously didn’t like the idea of some woman using his space outside the home as free parking. So, as a revenge, he wrapped the entire parked car using cling-film. This served as a good warning and lesson to the woman who left her car outside his house taking away space for his own car.

This didn’t happen the first time, before this woman, there were people who also parked outside his house. The drawback was the use of space which was meant for him actually. The house owner is entitled to the free space outside his house and property. Neil Junglas from Liverpool couldn’t bear this anymore so he decided to teach everyone a valuable lesson.

Neil Junglas was making dinner for his daughter. He saw a car pulled up and a woman emerged out of it. The woman then stopped a taxi and got into it while parked the car in front of his house. Another man came out of the same car and brought out two suitcases. They had some sort of luggage with them and were possibly headed to the airport. The man also got seated in the taxi. Both the man and the woman then rode away on the taxi.

Neil Junglas said that both of them were leaving for the airport and they wanted a free parking. They didn’t want to park the car at the airport because it could cost them money. Next door had a couple of cars as well, so there was no space other than where the car got parked. Neil now couldn’t park his own car outside his house and this caused him a lot of inconveniences.

So, he ultimately decided to do something. After two days he wrapped the entire car using the industrial grade cling-film. Passersby began to stop near the car and started to take pictures. The police also visited Neil but they said that they couldn’t do anything because the car wasn’t illegally parked.

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