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Man throws human wastes in courtroom after hearing 40-year prison time

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It’s rightly said that an angry man is a foolish man. Getting angry at something makes a person more vulnerable as his entire body is spending energy to fuel his anger. All of a sudden, a person who becomes excessively angry loses the guts to think with reason and logic. Hence, one must avoid getting anger issues at first place.

A 46-year-old Ohio resident did something awkward in the court when the judge gave a verdict. According to the verdict, the man had to be sentenced to 40 years. The guy hurled human excretions in the courtroom as a gesture of anger.

Did you just give me 40 years, sir? You just gave me 40 years. Well guess what? (as he said the words, he took out a bottle containing human dump and hurled it in the air)

Everyone in the court got disgusted as they were not expecting anything like this during the court proceedings. The question arises, how did the man sneak all that shit into the courtroom in the first place? The answer to this might not be as simple as security can’t expect someone to bring such a filth. According to the jail security, the man was prescribed to drink Ensure in jail for health reasons. He used the bottles to hoard the human dump. The police said that the man had concealed the bottles when he went for the court hearing.

The county sheriff said that the deputies were under investigation to find out the culprit. She said that someone didn’t follow the protocol which resulted in the ridicule of the courtroom.  This wouldn’t have happened in the first place if proper protocol was followed, said the lady.

The guy who got sentenced for 40 years is a robber by profession. He has committed more than 30 robberies. The severity of his robberies was so intense that court had to take an action. The video of the man is readily available on the internet, a little google will help.

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