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Man threatens to murder all black people at Howard University, says, “It’s not murder cos they dark”

Written by Wamiq Ali

Every day we come up with a new story of racism and it sometimes makes me worry. The amount of time media and people spend in the deplorement of such stories is uncountable. A human being is simply human, despite his color and creed. Though still people forget about this lesson and start to act weird towards someone who is different in color than them.

26yo Alexandria, Virginia man is currently facing a jail time of 5 years. His case is currently under trial and if he gets convicted of the racism and murder threat then a minimum of 5 years sentence can be ordered by the court. John Rust on November 2015 used the Wi-Fi of Panera Restaurant to threat Afro-American people.

The affidavit is clear on various racist things and threat claims he made that day, it also includes that he said, “after all, it’s not murder if they’re black.

Later, in the court proceedings, it was presented that John Rust’s computer was connected to the Panera restaurant Wi-Fi in Virginia. He had also made a payment to the restaurant that day using his credit card. Apart of these proofs, the guy is already a convicted felon. His criminal history shows that he got registered as a sex-offender. The Virginia Sex Offender Registry lists a man of the same name, age and other details being convicted of indecent actions with a child as well as a battery against a minor.

His case was heard on October 5 at 2 pm, if he gets convicted then a minimum of 5 years jail time is to be served by him. It must be kept in mind that FBI had arrested him recently and he had committed this act of threating Howard students in 2015.

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