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Man surfs inflatable mattress over giant wave in California

A surfer was seen doing a strange activity, he surfed over a giant wave using a mattress. Surfing over a wave using a mattress is something which is totally unique and equally dangerous. The talented dude somehow survived the waves and managed to remain floating on the water. The massive wave in California attempted to overthrow the surfer but still, he somehow managed to remain stable.

This amazing performance of this surfer was welcomed by many standing on the beach. It was something unique and thrilling for the spectators. One eyewitness could be heard shouting in surprise. He couldn’t believe that someone could surf using a mattress.

The beach weather is warm and fantastic and the water is warm – but we do have dangerous surf right now – said Brian O’Rourke the acting battalion chief of Newport Beach lifeguards

A beach hazard statement was also issued by the National Weather Service in the US because of the high probability of strong currents in the sea. The waves of around 10ft to 15ft height were predicted. The lifeguards were not allowing the swimmers to go far off in the sea because of the prevalent danger.

The Daring Surfer!

The video has been shared on the Daily Mail’s Channel.

The confidence with which the surfs over the water is amazing. Many people can be heard laughing in the background. The guy provided sheer entertainment with his bravery. However, everyone shouldn’t think of performing something like this because this can turn out to be dangerous as well. The guy was lucky that every variable just went fine or it could have been worst.

Some people commented that the guy made a foolish decision. He should have used the right gears to do the fun part of the surfing.

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