Man steals $2 million Ferrari on test drive

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A clever man fled away with a Ferrari of worth US$2 million as he gained hands on it on the pretext of test driving Little did the Ferrari providers know that the test driver was a thief. German police, on receiving the report of Ferrari’s theft, launched a campaign to catch the thief.

Police in a bid to capture the thief distributed his pictures. The man was wearing glasses and a dark blue blazer as he drove-off 1985 Ferrari 288 GTO on Monday in Duesseldorf. The new became viral in Germany, but soon it found its medium to the international audience too. The reason behind its virality was the popular brand Ferrari.

The theft is speculated to happen when the seller and would-be buyer exchange their seats. Sellers often try to give an opportunity to the buyers to test drive the vehicle. Since sellers often believe that this type of technique would help the buyers make up their mind. Therefore, to influence the buy, they also try to give him a test drive in order to make him feel the real experience of the product.

German police later recovered the red coloured vehicles from an abandoned garage where the thief had tried to hide it. However, the thief remained at large. When the seller was outside the vehicle, the man pressed the accelerator to its fullest and drove off which the maximum speed, leaving behind the seller. The thief had described himself as a car collector, and he had arrived by taxi.

This new is a reminder that whenever you try to sell off your vehicle, don’t just hand it over to the buyer without any limitations or apprehensions. Anything can happen, and the risk can be avoided with wisdom.

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