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Man spends 40 years planting a tree every day on an uninhabited Island

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“Climate change is a real thing”, stated a number of researchers. They feel that the temperature at Antarctica is rising which is causing the ice to melt. The climate change is attributed to an increase in disorder/entropy. The carbon dioxide emission after the 19th-century industrialization has contributed a lot to this global climate change. The developed countries must come at a joint-juncture to make laws internationally for sake of reducing the pollution which can threaten the future of humanity.

Amidst all the chaos, a guy has spent 40 years to plant a tree every day on a desolate island. The man has spent every day of his life to plant a tree. With his continuous efforts, he created a man-made forest which is larger than New York’s Central Park.

Those who have an experience of gardening can realise the amount of effort this made put in his work to make his dream of giving humanity a forest come true. Imagine the amount of effort which this man had to give to this land measuring around 1,320 acre.

This was a barren wasteland before Jadav started to convert it into a forest. One can visit this area if he goes to Majuli island in India. The efforts of Jadav are just beyond praise. He surpassed this precipice of converting the barren island into a green one. He is now in his 50s and he has successfully created a forest ecosystem. This man shows that with sound efforts and consistent hard work nothing is unachievable. One other thing can be learned from his personality, “try, try again till you succeed.”

This man-made forest is now a home to tigers, rhino, vultures and 115 elephants. This means that not only the entire project is beneficial to the environment but also to the living animals. The man has done something amazing which must be praised by sharing it with others.

The family of Yadav makes money by selling cow milk to the nearing village, his life is simple and he has a love for the environment. He was given a civil award for his efforts.

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