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Man with shotgun returns to rob the store, store’s clerk son uses deadly force & kills him

Written by Wamiq Ali

Instant justice is something hard to get these days but this wasn’t the case when a robber with a shotgun came to rob the store. This armed robber was shot to death in southeast Houston. The armed gunman had threatened the sister of the store owner who was standing at the store’s cash counter.

Usman Seth, 20-year-old, made several shots in the torso of the armed robber when he threatened his family. The robber had a shotgun and he threatened Seth’s sister standing at the cash counter. Usman Seth’s father also named as Usman Seth responded to media telling that they were already receiving threats. The brother of the robber who came armed had already threatened them and warned them of getting killed.

A man who happened to be a robber entered the convenience store around 4 pm and after 30 minutes he took out his shotgun and started aiming at the cash counter girl who happened to be a sister of Usman Seth. Seth’s father handed him a 9mm Smith & Wesson handgun.

I just wanted to make a threat to force the robber leave the store, said Usman Seth as reported by Mail Online

The robber was resilient and thus Usman Seth had to open fire. He then shot the robber in the leg. The robber after getting shot still had enough courage to point his weapon at the store employees. Seth for the sake of his family and other’s safety opened more fire in the legs of the robber. The robber after getting first shot was hopping around.

My family – their lives – were in my hands, I had to protect them, he said.

After receiving more shots in the leg the robber suffered serious damage and died eventually. Before dying the masked man also released gun shots to aim Usman Seth to death. The name of the robber hadn’t been released. Seth’s family has been running this restaurant for now about 6 years, during this period they already had received various threats.

Usman Seth

This happened around in 2014 and after that, the robber’s parents released a statement calling Usman a murdered. Usman Seth merely wanted his self-defense.

Watch the video below to learn more about the incident.

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