Man shoplifts at Kmart days after buying a $8 million private island

It’s said that stealing things is a habit which most people can’t forego because it’s pretty hard task for them; the habit being so strong that it becomes intrinsic. A strange news appeared on the internet regarding a rich man who bought an island worth $8 million. One can imagine the riches of the person and the capacity to spend those riches with this one move of the guy purchasing some island. Normally, pretty rich people buy some island for spending their leisure time. Andrew Lippi, a 59yo guy was accused of shoplifting $300 worth of goods from Kmart after he reportedly purchased a personal island. The minute theft and a large island, both of these actions don’t match with one another.

The guy had purchased various items between March 20 and April 4 and later he replaced them with their cheaper variants while asked the Kmart for a return. Lippi had made into the news because he had purchased an island, Thompson island worth $8 million. Lippi also owns a resort which was used by MTV to film their show. The same property is also placed on AirBnB and its rate is $1,800 per night.

He shoplifted various items like a coffee maker and electric bulbs. He has returned coffee machine and obtained a full refund, however when Kmart employees opened the box they found that it had a basketball. Lippi denied all the allegations and hasn’t appeared in the media. He’s scheduled to appear in the court on April 18th.

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