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Man sets himself ablaze outside the White House; reports Secret Service

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In a tweet, the prestigious Secret Service has reported an incident of a man setting himself ablaze outside the White House. According to the initial reports, the guy was walking calmly outside the building in the Ellipse park, downtown Washington D.C. The area in which the man was strolling happens to be quite popular in the tourists.

The motives of the disgruntled man are yet unknown. A video has been released by TMZ which corroborates the initial reports of the Secret Service. In the Graphic Video, a man can be seen walking across the park while his clothes are ignited. The US Secret Service immediately responded to the situation by carrying down a couple of fire extinguishers to rescue the man.

The incident happened around a mile of the White House. The man was also wearing a protective suit to protect himself from the heat of the flames. He was carrying a suspicious package which got destroyed by the heat; therefore, it wasn’t recovered. 

What is wrong with this guy?

The incident is quite strange and believe us, we are as worried as you are. The first thing of concern is the American president, reports suggest that he was in his office when this happened. Around 70 officers responded to the frantic situation in the park. 

This happened on Wednesday when Special Counsel Robert Mueller claimed that it wasn’t an option for his office to have charged Trump with an obstruction time. He also refused to speak further on the Russian probe calling it unjustified.

Some people believe that it happened because of the policies of Trump. However, what this man did can’t be justified in any manner. The democratic norms of today are far more better than the past. A democracy which ushered in Athens, around 7th Century BC, by Draco, is in its refined form. It doesn’t need drastic measures of self-injury to register a protest.

What this man did is highly condemnable, it gives benefit to no one except chaos and harm.

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