Man resigns from job by handing his boss, ‘Sorry for your Loss’ card

Some people like to work by finding some employment while others are more of a freelance nature, the two groups develop different tendencies and attachments while they embark the journey to earn a livelihood. Let’s not get into this complicated matter, this story is about an employee who lived his dream life in a few seconds. He gave his resignation with a card to his boss, “Sorry for your Loss,” the employee knew that it was the loss of the company, not his. Therefore, this guy just lived a dream life. There are many people who just dream to quite their job in such a bossy and classic way, but life never gives them a chance. On the contrary, this guy not only got the chance but he was also lucky enough to avail the chance. People normally miss the chance and they forget to live to their fullest.

Quitting job on your own terms is something which not most people experience in their life; however, just look at this resignation. This employee simply knew his importance and he made his boss realise that it was the collective loss of the company.

Someone on Twitter shared a classic notice which an employee had given to his employer before leaving the job

The card has been written by the 22-year-old Baines, he was interviewed by Insider in the backdrop of the resignation letter which has obtained attention all around the globe. The resignation has just gone viral, something which Baines had done for his own satisfaction is becoming a reason of satisfaction for the rest of the world.

The guy in the interview said that he was heading back to the university and he wanted to do something creative. He had to leave the job.

I knew my boss would find it funny so I wasn’t worried about how they’d take it. I came up with the idea because I was always joking about how much they’d miss me when I was gone, then thought a condolences card would be the perfect way to finish it off.
It went down great and helped make a positive from an otherwise sad situation.

The guy told in the interview that he was sure his boss wouldn’t mind much regarding the sudden resignation, therefore, he planned to keep it cool. He wanted to make something positive from an otherwise sad situation. Thankfully, everyone in the office saw the funny side and no one criticised him for being full of confidence. The fellow employees started to laugh.

The fellow employees of the guy shared his letter on Twitter. The resignation notice became viral as everyone started to praise the straight forward nature of the employee

Sam also got along with with his boss, although there was a chance that his boss might not have taken the resignation letter in positive sense, but still Sam took a chance as he wanted to make the resignation a memorable occasion. There were many people who shared his card on Twitter. From there, it became a reason for the channels to approach the guy and take an interview regarding his audacity.

There were many Twitter users who mentioned the guy for his audacity and courage to send such an awesome letter to his employer

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