Man proposes girlfriend with six engagement rings to end the debate of “wrong-engagement-ring”

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Often girls like the moment when they are offered with an engagement ring, however this entire moment is ruined for them if they don’t receive a good ring. Mostly girls are quite choosy and their choice is not considered when a man buys ring in secret. Girls always have a better sense of rings because they do such purchases for their entire life however most men are just plain rookies. They don’t have any idea about the fashion sense and the prevalent ring designs. They just buy the ring and try their best in their efforts because their primary focus is to avoid a rejection. It does take a lot of courage while selecting a life partner, many things are considered because it is a decision of entire life.

This one man wanted to make sure that his girl experiences a perfect moment when she gets proposed. Thus to make this happen, he immediately decided to buy six rings. Mr Brown presented Miss Atara not only on engagement ring but a set of 6 rings for her to choose the perfect one. He didn’t want his girlfriend to feel left out. These rings were all different shapes and sized. Each ring was carefully selected which had a unique build and design.

Man didn’t stop at this, instead he tried to make everything perfect. He hired a professional photographer and marriage planner. People normally go with the flow but some people hire planners to make the event bright and perfect. He hired a florist as well to take care of the flowers requirement of the event. If these efforts were not enough, he wrote down his dearest and most tender feelings for Atara and later got them printed on a huge banner.

Today, on your special day I had the pleasure of putting a smile on your face all day. For there is no greater gift that I could think to give you. 

A woman, whose heart is full of love and devotion to me, a woman whose loyalty to all those she loves stands unmatched, a woman whose generosity and willingness to help others around her flourish knows no depths.

A woman who single-handedly made me believe that a soulmate, a lover, a prayer warrior, a confidant and a best friend could be wrapped up in one amazingly beautiful soul that was handcrafted for me.

wrote the man, as reported by indy100

The man chose to give her girlfriend the greatest gift which he called as his own heart and soul. He also asked his girlfriend a question if she would love to hold his hand for the rest of the life. The couple is happy.

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