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Man mistakes neighbour’s house for his own, kills homeowner thinking him an intruder

Written by Wamiq Ali

This is the height of stupidity, according to the news, a man enters into the house of his own neighbour and then kills him thinking him an intruder. The man believed that it was his own house and he mistook the owner of the house as a thief.

This man belongs to Missouri and the police have charged him with involuntary manslaughter as the man had choked his own neighbour to death. The place believed that Michael G. Augustine was actually drunk at the time when he killed a 60-year-old neighbour named Clifton King. Since he was alleged to be drunk that is why he could not make a sensible choice. Mr King died in his front yard on the night of Friday when he came to the door of his house after finding out that his own neighbour Mr King was trying to come inside. The man did not know that it was his death knocking at the door.

According to the neighbours who were interviewed by WDAF. They said that Mr Augustine who lived further down the block accidentally believed that it was his own home and that Mr King was a Thief who had broken into it. Then Augustine got angry and he choked him to death.

During the incident Mr Augustine even reported and called 911 and told them that he had an intruder situation at his home. According to his call, someone had broken into his house in order to steal something. When the police arrived at the place of the incident they found no one to be present there, sometimes later they found both the men At King’s house.

According to the police Augustine was drunk as his speech was incoherent and the officer’s could smell strong alcoholic odour.

A neighbour told the media that she saw paramedics trying to revive Mr King for more than an hour but they failed to do so, praising Mr King she called her a military veteran and she further added,

He served our country and that was not an honorable way to treat him, I think that it’s sad. It’s sad! Someone had to give up their life because someone was so messed up they didn’t know it wasn’t their home.

Prosecutors have charged Mr Augustine with the first-degree manslaughter but according to the neighbours the man had already posted bond and moved out of the area.

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