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Man merely wins $1 dollar on lottery, seeks it to be presented with a giant cheque

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Winning a lottery is a thing which total depends on the luck of a person. The chances of winning a lottery are quite meager however still people decide to take a part because of the thrill of winning. Free money without any hard work is considered as something amazing, therefore a lot of people attempt to win money the easier way. Lottery winning is thought as one easy way to get money. Normally, when someone talks about lottery money, then there is a perception that the amount won would be huge. Imagine someone winning $1 as lottery money and then later asking it to be presented in huge cheque. The entire idea seems a little absurd, and totally strange.

Man decided to go big after he won merely $1 as lottery prize

A man decided to celebrate lottery winnings which were meager. He merely won $1 and decided to go big in celebrations. This doesn’t sound like a jackpot, but Tyler Heep still wanted to celebrate his winning. He demanded the lottery organizers to give him a giant cheque for celebration. He requested them to give him same protocol which any jackpot winner deserves. He went to the lottery HQ in Des Moines for demanding a well-deserved celebration for winning the lottery.

In an interview he said that he deserved the celebration and he wondered that why no one in the past had done it earlier. He thought that it was worth a shot while the organizers thought that it was funny. While speaking to NBC13, he said that he got treated the way he wanted. The lottery organizers gave him a good protocol. Those guys came down to the stairs, later they took him to the back room. A camera man was already present and it had a logo of Iowa Lottery. He said:

Sure enough they wrote me the one dollar check and had me hold it up and took the picture.

According to the reports, as Tyler went out he spent his entire winnings. He used the amount to buy half a gallon of gas. The local framing firm after knowing the story decided to frame the giant cheque of Tyler for free. Tyler went to Facebook and thanked the framing shop. He praised the artwork of the shop. The moral of the story, as he said, “One can make a lot from smaller things.

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