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This man lived alone for 30 years in the mountains of Alaska in a log cabin which he built himself

Human beings do have a tendency for adventure and a stagnant Lifestyle puts them in halt which most humans do not like as getting bored is not an option. But once in thousands of times, the human beings choose some entertainment otherwise most of them like to stick themselves to a safe routine. This man, however, chose the totally different path which most human will not approve but they can only dream to live. A lot of people like to take things in their control while wilderness is something which takes men in control.

Richard Louis Proenneke is the guy whom the world knows as the man and icon of wilderness.

This guy lived from 1916 to 2003 and during his lifetime he proved that without the regular sources of Living a person can survive alone in the wilderness. He lived in the lake Clark national park and preserve. The guy was born in Iowa and he worked as a farmhand and rancher.

Later the same guy joined the Navy after the Pearl Harbour got bombed and I guess that everyone among us knows the incident of Pearl Harbour.

He became sick due to an attack of rheumatic fever and thus received a medical discharge from the military in 1945. After getting retired from the military he again started doing the farming stuff. During his career as a farmer, he was invited by a friend who was living in Alaska at that time. So this guy first time visited Alaska and made his visit to twin lakes and I think that something in nature took his heart away. So high started to build is first log cabin on the Twin lakes and it was not quite big in size but it was something to take a start. He completed this Cabin in 1868 and it was not the first cabin on the Twin Lakes.

However, his log cabin can be taken as one of the best cabin in terms of a remarkable craftsmanship. After having a look at his cabin one can estimate the sound nature of his skill and wilderness ethic. It is something notable that the cabin was built merely using hand tools. The guy started making furniture and after that, he lived in the cabin.

I think you are not interested in the guy so you better watch a documentary on him below:

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