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Man KO’s (Sucker Punches) Grandma for invading personal space in the checkout line

Written by Wamiq Ali

This guy was a total idiot who didn’t know how to respect elders. The poor woman was standing beside the guy who punched her in the face for no apparent reason. Later, the guy gave a lame reason that she was invading her personal space, but to me, it is not a valid reason because the space at the counter was already pretty short.

The guy had surely some medical issues because a normal person without any hate can’t actually knock out some older person in such a ruthless manner. The poor grandma came to the counter while she started putting her things on the checkout table. She was waiting for the service guy to pack her items, meanwhile, she got a bit closer to the guy, who sucker punched her later, in order to give more space to the incoming customers to the counter.

The guy didn’t like a grandma nearing him in any sense, so he turned around and knocked her out. The older woman was taken instantly to the hospital where was treated for serious bruises on her face.

This happened in Syzran, Russia and the guy was later identified as Vitaly Kondratenko. Vitaly has some serious issues with personal space. The 61-year-old victims, Nina Tulupova told media that she didn’t do anything wrong which might have provoked the guy to such an extent, where had no option other than punching her right in the face.

Woman falling on the ground after having a serious punch in the face

You can watch the video below and can decide on your own, who was wrong in this situation? Don’t forget to answer in the comments…

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