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Man in just an Underwear, at -20C, explains wife hid clothes to stop him from Hunting

A little vodka and a man is ready to conquer the world, whoops! Isn’t it what happens in the movies? Alright, this man was found in freezing cold trying to hunt and fulfil his desires while his wife had hidden his clothes in an attempt to stop him from going outside, but wait, this man is the real hero and he wasn’t used to listening to a ‘No’ from his wife, despite all the odds he went outside and caught our attention.

This man was wearing nothing but a necklace, underpants along with a gun slung over his back. He was racing through the -20C cold while his wife felt no pity for him and hid his clothes in an attempt to force him to stay at home.

The man was so vehemently into hunting that he went outside without proper clothes and started to hunt down wolves on his snow bike at the Ural Mountains in Russia. To our ultimate disappointment, the dude wasn’t even wearing any socks. He was wearing sandals on his bare feet.

These pictures which we got are actually filmed by a third man, who spotted this crazy man in a cold weather trying to hunt down wolves. This dude took out his camera and started picturing the guy, moving through the cold weather,  who was definitely not in a mood for some quick fame.

On asking the dude, he said that his wife had hidden his clothes and that’s why he had to come out without wearing any.

He had a gun slung over his back for helping him in hunting the wolves. This is the pure definition of badassery!

The other guy offered him a coat because it was too cold for a human to survive, to our surprise, the dude turned down the offer and preferred to go on in a mere underwear.

The man also described his bold actions as a “Hunter Disease,” – you go when you want to go and there is nothing which is going to put a hiatus in your hunting regime.

The unusual pictures were taken in the Urals, it’s a mountain range which runs from north to south through western Russia. The Urals are not populated but have rich resources including metal ores, coal and precious and semi-precious metals.

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