Man in Florida arrested for RKO’ing a fake Alligator

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People have different kind of nature and they often show their difference of nature in public dealings. The nature of different kind of people become evident with the passage of time and with the matter of dealing with them publicly. Recently, a Florida man became self-evident to the entire America after his video went viral on Facebook. He got arrested because he wrestled and ROK’ed a fake alligator in a shopping centre. The guy’s video was enough to invoke the action of police. Today nothing can hide and the internet can make someone popular within a matter of seconds. Something of similar nature happened with this man when he attempted to become famous.

The 18yo Gianny Sosa-Hernandez was welcomed by police after his video of RKO’ing the fake alligator went viral. He did that move on a fake alligator which was put on the display at a Miami-Dade County mall on March 30. The police was quick to arrest the high school student as he had posted the video of his RKO move to the social media.

The footage which got published on the social media shows the teenager removing his shirt while he prepares to jump into the water for carrying out the drama. The 18yo old after making the move pretended to pin the alligator down before he pushed it away. The police found that the alligator was valued $3,690.

According to the police, the teenager confessed to his crimes and also apologized for his behavior. Sosa-Hernandez hasn’t done this for the first time. In the past he had carried out this particular move on his high school principal. He had attempted to RKO Principal Humberto Miret on the second floor of the school’s building. He also confronted the principal as after he took out his camera, he called called out the principle saying that he (principle) was worried that someone was recording him.

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