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Man hung outside the ‘Closed Train Door’ to Reach in Time, wait for the TUNNEL

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Nothing can be more important than the life. People often spend a healthy life style just for sake of living longer than usual and that too with a healthy body. A healthy life style ensures proper functioning of many body parts including brain. Now, this habit is usual for those who are conscious about their future.

There is another category of people, who just try to live their life in their own moment. They don’t get involved into a very careful life, but instead they just try to remain happy in the present. This guy however, opted in something unusual to save his time. He put his life in danger by hanging outside a closed train door, just for sake of saving some time.

The video gets more stupid once the train enters the tunnel. It’s weird to watch him hanging outside the train in quite a callous attitude. It looks like he had done something similar in the past as well.

Man outside the train!

The video was uploaded on Reddit and people were in awe to watch this superman perform a live stunt. The Reddit user ‘u/tallginger’ shared the video and it went viral on the internet, instantly. No doubt, the amount of stupidity in the video was quite at large, which made it famous quickly.

The user, SativaLungz wrote, “Notice how No one cares, she’s done this before. This is an average day in New York. It is just the Grandma Gertie From Hey Arnold doing her thing.”

The video doesn’t show what happens to the guy once the train enters the cave.

Update: According to the reports, the guy riding outside the closed train door remained safe during the entire journey. After that he got reported to the police. The police found him and arrested him for doing a public stunt. Isaiah Thompson, 22yo, was arrested on Tuesday, after e video of him riding outside the train went viral.

The video was uploaded by mattbeary on Instagram, titled “Classic NYC craziness.”

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