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Man goes a step ahead & fakes his own murder after discovering his wife hired a hitman to kill him

Written by Wamiq Ali

I came to know about this news and instantly I began to think that the man must be irritated enough to carry out such an act. Well a common man in a common life stages his own murder in order to catch a cheating wife. Definitely, it is a whole new level for the common man to carry out and complete successfully.

The photos of the man getting headshot and lying down on the ground possibly his grave have been going viral since the morning. The man is a boxing coach by profession. Ramon Sosa carried out the fake corps role in order to help the police catch his wife Maria Sosa.The woman had hired a Hitman in order to murder her husband and she made a payment of £1,500 to the Hitman for carrying out the act. She laughed after she saw the photo of her dead husband.

Definitely, the guy was not dead in fact he was playing a dead corpse in order to get his wife arrested.

The girl had not seen any headshot before and that is why she became a fool and she bought the idea of a dead husband. The fall of the idea of his wife started when she hired a guy to carry out the murder of her husband. Hitman happened to be one of the past students of Ramon’s who came to him in order to learn some boxing.

With the help of FBI, the rangers in Texas painted makeup on the Ramon’s face in order to make it look bloody with the headshot. They later drove him to the desert and put him in a shallow grave and then they started to take photographs of the scene so that they hitman could show them to the lady. The photographs have been released to the public on the request of the journalists, the request was made on the basis of UK freedom of information. The Hitman was an undercover officer and a former student of her husband, she showed Maria the photos.

The couple had been together for the last 8 years until the financial worries strained the relationship in 2015. His wife became tired of him and thus in order to get a divorce early, she decided to murder her husband. The guy said that he wasn’t expecting that the relationship was going to end up like this, he further added that he never thought that her his wife might be arrested one day.

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