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Man forgets where he parks his car – then finds it 20 years later

Written by Wamiq Ali

Ever forgot a car after you parked it somewhere ? And forgot it long enough as of 20 years? Damn, this might seem quite unusual to you, but wait, a man from the German city of Frankfurt back in 1997 had done exactly the same.

He reported the car to be stolen at that time but 20 years later as of today a totally different story emerged and the police came to know the truth. So, 20 years later the authorities have finally tracked down the car which was reported missing and stolen. The police found the car and discovered that the owner had just forgotten where he parked the car and assumed it to be stolen.

The vehicle was found in an old industrial building well parked in an old garage. The building was soon to be demolished and the car got in the way of demolition so it got reported to the police in order to find the owner of the car. The police checked on the record and found that the car was actually reported stolen 20 years ago.

According to German regional paper Augsberger Allgemein, the man is now 76 years old and the police picked him up along with his daughter to get him reunited with the car. He must have lived those cheerful years of his mature-youth.

File photo of an old car Charlie Cars/Creative Commons (The Independent)

20-years and no maintenance to the car, well that turned it into a total scrap and whether the man was happy to find his car or not is a story for another day. Frankfurt authorities reported that the car will be sent to the scrapheap.

The same incident had happened before in Germany where a man had parked his car and went on a drinking spree. He forgot the place of the parking and was reunited with his car after 2 years. The car was found 4 kilometres away from the expected place of the parking. Looks like Germany has a trend of forgetting about the parked cars!

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