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Man films his ‘Crazy Girlfriend’ stabbing him multiple times

Written by Wamiq Ali

Is she a Meth addict or what? Because definitely, the stabbing act which she is doing with her man isn’t sensible. Those looks on her face are a sign that she is possibly under the influence of some recreational drug. No one in their right senses will ever stab their own friend. There can be another reason too, maybe she’s mad at him for some reason.

A video of a man filming his own girlfriend stabbing him multiple times has gone viral. The video seems to be screen captured from a device through Social Media. The man has his face drenched in fear due to the cold-blooded attitude of his girlfriend. He seems frightened from the very beginning of the video.

Frightened man looks at his girlfriend holding a knife

Violence is congenital to some people and there is nothing worse than staying in an abusive relationship. This man clearly is suffering from such a relationship. The people who watched the video were shocked at the bizarre behaviour of his girlfriend. The girl seems to be holding a kitchen grade knife ready to attack her own boyfriend with a warning, “Don’t you dare F with me again.

The door opens and the girl enters the room meanwhile the guy seems to be attempting to avoid his crazy girlfriend. The entire video is short but crazy, it is Not Safe For Work and viewer decretion is advised if anyone has a thing for violence.

Warning: Viewer discretion is advised for the below-embedded video.

Someone left a comment on the video saying that the man might have called the cops for intervention but definitely the girl would have walked away, free. He was referring to the most common stereotype that these are the men who mostly cause violence. Well still, he should have called 911.

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