Man favours his ex over current black GF during live show for sake of her looks!

Written by Wamiq Ali

The subject of the show was this awesome couple, Kaio and Modina. The couple was invited on the show along with the Kaio’s ex, Sarah. The show was hosted by Katherine and Jimmy Carr. Your Face or Mine took a serious and awkward turn when the host asked the guy to choose between his ex or the current girlfriend, the basic question was the choose one girl on the basis of good looks.

If you have already watched the show then you might know about the segments and the controversy which it can create. These interviews in the show sometimes get quite awkward after the hosts require the participants to answer certain controversial questions.

This guy in front of his ex-girlfriend and current girlfriend held back no truth and shared with the audience his true heart and intention. He preferred Sarah over Modina once was asked the question of preference.

Sarah and Modina!

There were around 2 grand at stake depending upon the answer of Kaio. A correct answer was dependant upon the answer of the audience. If Kaio’s answer was in accordance with the answer of the audience then he would have won 2 grand.

Watch the small clipping of the show where he prefers Sarah over Modina.

Unfortunate for the girl that the audience voted the answer to be right and made it in accordance with the answer of the Kaio. In the end of the question, after Kaio won 2 grand they gave each other a high five but it was evident from the face of Modina that she didn’t like his choice.

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