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Man famous as “BIG MAC DADDY” eats his 30,000th McDonald’s burger

Written by Logical Men

‘Big Mac Daddy’ is the title a guy at Wisconsin McDonald’s has earned after he ate is 30,000th Big Mac on Friday.

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Don Gorske, 64, has been the biggest fan of Big Mac in the entire world since he first took a bite out of a Big Mac 46 years ago.

The old fellow told that almost 90% of his food is Big Mac and for that he is also recognized by the Guinness Book of World Records.

The first question everyone seems to ask after finding out about is eating habits is about his health – however, according to him his blood pressure and cholesterol levels are perfectly normal despite his addiction to Big Mac for the past four decades.

The grandpa sat down on Friday to reach a milestone of eating 30,000th Burger in Lac, Wisconsin.

He told: ‘If I go for 40,000, that’ll take me another 14 years or whatever like that. I don’t think people celebrate 35,000 at all, so we’re probably looking at 14 more years down the road, and I’ll be 78 years old then! So we’ll have to see how I’m doing then, you know?’

He is a pensioner, retired from prison guard; He first tasted the Big Mach on May 17, 1972 and rest is history. He has been keeping a count from the day he started eating the Big Mac.

He is an OCD patient and has kept every single receipt for all the Big Mac purchases he made since he started eating it.

The estimated worth of all the Big Macs he has eaten sums up to be $80,000 on the burgers since 1972.

‘A person like me, I just don’t change too much,’ he said after hitting the 25,000 mark in 2011. ‘It’s pretty much two Big Macs a day.’

He skipped his ‘burger eating habit’ on few days, but he keeps burgers in the fridge just in case.

Sadly, enough he can’t taste the food because the taste buds on his tongue do not work.

He revealed that he actually lost 5 pound since his last milestone of eating 25,000 Big Macs which he reached in 2011.

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