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Man eats $120,000 worth banana – piece of art taped to wall

Banana art is a new thing. A man ate $120,000 worth of banana art – a simple banana taped to the wall. The innocent act of eating banana art baffled the crowd. The creator of the art; however, feels no animosity towards the eater.

Italian artist Maurizio Cattelan created banana art and sold it to a French collector for $120,000. Art Basel show in Miami Beach featured the same banana art on a gallery wall. Subsequently, the art show gained specific attention of the media because of the duct taped banana. A costly price of the art made it important.

However, a performance artist shook up the entire crowd of art gallery visitors, when he picked up the banana and ate it. David Datuna, the guy behind the eating act, describes himself as a Georgian-born American. He is an artist who lives in New York. A video published on Instagram, shows him walking towards the banana. Once he stood near the art gallery, he pulled off the banana and ate it.

David Datuna eats $120,000 worth banana art

David Datuna said, “Art performance … hungry artists,” as he walked towards the banana art and later ate it. Art Performance probably meant that he was showing off his skills to show a banana eating art. Now, an art in a simple act of eating banana is not comprehensible.

Fate of banana art after Datuna ate it

Director of museum relations in an interview given to Miami Herald said that the artwork isn’t destroyed. He said, “He did not destroy the art work. The banana is the idea.” As it turns out, the banana is meant to be replaced.

Therefore, 15 minutes later, a fresh banana was replaced after Datuna’s stunt. It appears his act brought smiles on the faces of people. Datuna’s act might have been about downplaying the banana art. On the contrary, it brought more fame to the same banana art.

Datuna is not going to face any repercussions, because the show organisers are pretty cool about his act. Although, security detained Datuna after his bold act. However, later they allowed him to leave.

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