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Man buys a parachute off the internet and jumps from his balcony, cars look tiny as hell from the top

Written by Wamiq Ali

There are several people with different wisdom types and skills but stupidity has no type, an idiot person is an idiot for obvious reasons. I remember purchasing stuff off the internet and not getting the right quality. This made me learn that purchasing things off the internet might be the luxury but sometimes it can lead to a serious loss of money because of the purchase material being different than advertised.

Ask yourself a question, will you buy a parachute off the internet without checking the quality of the build? After buying a parachute, will you just trust it enough to jump off a cliff? I think most people will answer in the negative.

This dude did exactly opposite, bought off a parachute from the internet. Then tried jumping off the balcony of his house, the people behind the video seemed to be his family and they looked worried. You just don’t purchase a parachute and then jump off your apartment balcony.

Man jumps off the balcony

Watch the video and find out yourself what happens to an internet bought parachute. Sometimes you get lucky too! The cars are looking damn small, and obviously, the height is just too much for a normal person to jump.

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