Man buys 950,000V stun gun knuckles, leaves the best review of all time

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A man has bought 950,000V stun gun knuckles and he has left the greatest review of all the time. The review is perfect which went viral on the internet for same reason. Almost everyone was forced to share his review just because of the hidden pun. TDog became an internet sensation after he left a review on the Amazon about one product. He reviewed Knuckle Blaster stun gun. The product which he reviewed can be easily found in gas stations behind the display cases along with those throwing stars and a crappy butterfly knife.

Well, this product Knuckle Blaster is no more available on the Amazon. It has been replaced with a lesser intimidating product Streetwise Sting Ring. Let’s get to the review part of the Tdog which made him famous on the internet.

The review is as below:

The guy had purchased the product to settle his score with a couple of guys he met in the parking of Walmart. The guys he came across in the parking lot had intimidated Tdog while they demanded his money and items in possession. Tdog being a smart man went to the Amazon and purchased the ultimate thing to confront those guys on some other day.

The rest story goes as follows:

Unfortunately, as the review concludes it shares the bad outcome which Tdog faced. In the end, a fine stream of vomit was Tdog’s last defence. It saved him from the guys and their wrath. This review is indeed a funny one and compiled in a perfect pun-intended manner. 

“I walked home victorious,” was something in the review which takes a hold of the eyes. He titled his review as Victory and almost 3k people came across his review and all of them found it useful.

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