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Man awarded $10 million after JURY finds police FRAMED him for MURDER

Left: Jamal Trulove and Right: Getty Images!

A man spent six years in prison for a murder that he didn’t commit, and was finally acquitted. He as granted $10 million in damages by a federal court jury on Friday.

Jamal Trulove filed a suit against the four San Francisco police officer by whom he was falsely framed for a murder he did not commit.

He was framed in 2007 for the killing at the city’s Sunnydale public housing complex.

His case was heard by an eight-member jury in Oakland, it heard 3 weeks of testimony and deliberated for 2 days before they figured out the two lead homicide inspectors, Michael Johnson and Maureen D’Amico had violated Trulove’s rights by creating false evidence against him.

They also held on to the evidence that might have helped him.

Two other inspectors had no wrongdoing and all four are now retired. The city, however, is liable to pay damages.

“It’s about time,” said Kate Chatfield, a lawyer for Trulove. “Justice is not (merely) being acquitted for a crime you did not do. This was finally justice.”

He was sentenced to 50 years for murdering his friend, Seu Kua, who was shot from behind in July 2007. He was convicted because of a witness testimony; the witness was his neighbor who claimed that he had seen him shoot his friend.

According to the new finding he was threatened to falsely testify.

He was acquitted in a second jury trial in 2015.

It is thought the real suspect walked freely after policemen made Jamal the escape goat.

“We are analyzing the jury’s findings and will determine from there how to proceed,” John Coté, spokesman for City Attorney Dennis Herrera, said. “Our goal is always to ensure that justice is served.”

We will see what direction this case will take, it’s a good thing that Trulove was compensated for the years he lost.

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