Man arrested and jailed after cops mistake kitty litter kept as screen defroster to be Methamphetamine

Written by Wamiq Ali

A Texas man got falsely arrested after cops find Methamphetamine in his car which in reality was kitty litter kept as a defroster for windows. This resulted in the mugshot of the year.

24-year-old Ross Lebeau was arrested for the possession of the drugs. The false positive drug test resulted in defaming his name. He said, “I was wrongly accused of this and I’m going to do everything in my power to … clear my name.

Lebeau was driving in his 2006 Acura when he got pulled over by the cops because he had allegedly violated some traffic laws. This turned into a criminal investigation. Police saw a sock containing almost half a pound of small clear blue coloured crystals. They took it as methamphetamine. The cop placed a small sample in the field drug test and it tested positive for the drugs.

Cops took it as the biggest bust in the Harris County and they arrested the poor guy who was merely carrying kitty litter as a defroster.

Lebeau Mugshot titled as “Mugshot of the year”

The police report said that the victim had denied any possession of drugs. The cops who arrested the innocent guy also patted themselves on the back stating that they have saved their future generations from the curse of drugs.

The deputy who arrested the guy was praised for using his knowledge and experience to take a criminal off the roads of Texas. Labeau was kept in jail for three days for a release bond of $50k. When he met his lawyer he explained to him that the substance declared as a drug was actually cat litter.

The sock trick is nothing new to keep the frost off the windshield. The LifeHacker.com has also posted a similar trick to keep a kitty litter into socks as a defroster.

Kitty litter was taken as meth

The Lebeau’s attorney told the media that he almost laughed and scoffed as he explained the situation to the police. The case remained open until the Forensic lab’s result came out to be negative. Lebeau is demanding an apology.

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