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Man arrested at Best Buy for using original $2 bills and got jailed cos they didn’t know $2 bill exists

I guess you do know that $2 bills are a part of U.S. currency. But apparently the cashier at Best Buy didn’t know this fact and she thus called police when someone paid him the required amount in $2 bills.

Mike Bolests used over 50 of $2 bills at Best Buy and he got arrested. He chuckled and told that he got arrested for using those bills. Mike used to take trips of students to the historical places. The students used to keep the money for their lunch. His son had replaced a car stereo at Best Buy and he got a call to pay $100. So, he went to the Best Buy and chose 50 $2 bills to pay the amount.

Mike tells his story of arrest

The girl marked all those $2 bills and then talked to the manager. The manager came and told Mike that those bills were not real. He told Mike that he had called the Police. Mike got frightened and in no time police arrived and arrested the poor guy. Mike ended up in the jail after some time.

The police called secret service to understand the reason behind those $2 bills. Unfortunate for them, the secret service told the police that those bills were real. Mike at once got released.

Mike said that it was quite embarrassing. He thinks that every American must know that $2 bill exists. It can turn into a more horrible situation if some cashier doesn’t know that $2 bill exists. Something like what happened with Mike could happen anywhere, with anyone.

You can watch this video below, where Mike got interviewed:

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