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Male coworkers asked this woman whether they were ‘mansplaining’, she created a chart

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Mansplaining is a specific term which means if some woman asks a man something then he explains that particular thing. If a man explains that thing in a condescending or overconfident way then that means he is mansplaining. So, this term is not much liked by those who are fighting for the women rights. Mansplaining creates a wrong narrative as it’s often done to make women feel inferior. This is thought being parallel to the women disenfranchisement.

This problem can arise because of the overinflated ego, like when a man tries to explain something in an oversimplified way to the opposite gender. If another side of the story is looked then this can’t be termed as a gender specific issue. There are people in the society who try to explain something in a condescending way to anyone if asked with a question. They feel that they have better knowledge and this makes them soothe their ego.

Twitter user Kim Goodwin decided to lay a chart for deciding mansplaining

The post of this twitter user Kim Goodwin went instantly viral after she created a chart to help men identity the phenomenon of mansplaining. Often men don’t understand if they mansplained or didn’t, this chart is going to help making the decision.

This chart explains if someone is mansplaining

This post went viral and people started to praise her simple way of describing and explaining the mansplaining. Many people were happy that someone brought up this issue.

Goodwin said her male colleagues were interested in this infromation

She explained why she created this chart

Kim Goodwin said that her male colleagues were more interested in this chart. They had asked her of the mansplaining several times.

Twitter community responds to her efforts

She replied to this man that it’s gendered. Since predominantly it’s faced by women at large. She added that she didn’t quote ‘all men’ anywhere in the explanation.

Another person wrote, “So if you have a junior designed who was doing something completely wrong, and they didn’t ask for an explanation you should continue to let them make the error?” Miss Goodwin replied, “No, in a coaching context, you are explicitly in a teaching role.

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