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Malaysian tourist hotspot faces backlash after ‘plates washing in puddle’ goes viral

Workers of a popular restaurant located in Malaysian tourist hotspot were caught washing the dishes with the muddy puddle on the ground.

The viral video shows the staff sitting beside a pothole on the ground washing the dishes from the filthy water, the name of the place is Raj’s Banana Leaf restaurant.

The restaurant, which is located in the Malaysian capital’s posh neighbourhood of Bangsar, issued an official statement – they shifted the blame of the whole filthy incident on the workers, claiming they were fresh recruits. They furthermore stated that the restaurant was hygienic and this was a one-time incident because the workers were ‘newly recruited staff.’

‘Hygiene and cleanliness are a top priority,’ the handler of the restaurant’s Facebook page claimed. However, the food and health inspectors were quick to seal the restaurant indefinitely after they came to know about the restaurant’s lack of washing facilities. ‘We will take action to close down the restaurant until further notice,’ Deputy Director of the Environmental Health Department, Chandrakant Patel said.

However, Patel kept the name of the restaurant owner secret but also claimed that someone who is a representative of the restaurant has accepted the mistake of mishandling the operations. ‘They do not have proper washing facilities behind the kitchen,’ he said. He also told that the restaurant passed health checks with an A- rating and ‘cleanliness checks showed that the restaurant was in good condition.’

As an apology to the customers, the restaurant offered free Buka Pusa dinner on Thursday, but it is yet to be cleared if they stood up to their offer. The thing that is most shocking is, how a restaurant without a washing facility and proper kitchen got such a high health and hygiene rating.

People took their frustration to social media, ‘Someone was passing out bribes to the health inspector,’ one commenter wrote. ‘This has never happened before…? as it was found to not have washing facilities and shut down. I am so sick of the lies that businesses and people put out to save their backsides,’ another wrote.

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