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Mail carrier gets arrested for feeding dog meatballs with nails

A mail carrier from Alabama has been arrested on charges of feeding at least one dog with meatballs which contained nails. Susanna Dawn Burhans, 47-years-old, was arrested this Thursday for cruelty and hate towards animals.

A joint investigation was carried out by local police and post office after she was blamed for feeding dogs with meatballs containing nails. The investigation led both to a result that she had at least fed one dog in New Hope with nail-laced-meatballs.

In an interview, Sheriff’s Capt. Mike Salomonsky, told media that there were complaints by local residents about her behaviour with animals and finally they took notice to open an investigation. No more details have been made public regarding this case and police has yet to make a statement. It’s also unclear whether Ms Burhanns has an attorney or not.

She was released from Madison County Jail after she paid $25,00 for bail.

We all have duties and it’s an obligation to complete them without causing any obstruction. This woman, if fed the dog with meatballs containing nails, also if she knew about this beforehand, then this is pure cruelty. Knowing and then committing a mistake makes it a crime. We can barely imagine the pain which dog endured in all this process just because of a negligent human being.

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