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This magazine-fed pump-action knife gun is something you might crave to own

I am pretty sure that you’ve enjoyed playing with that slingshot when you were a kid, quite a lot of years back. After enjoying your time with the weapon of your choice as a child you might have thought about upgrading it to something more llethal and fun. The limitation would have been your sense of creativity and the availability of right resources to accomplish your dream. However today we are bringing you and upgraded version of your old dream which actually uses a knife as a round to hit the target.

This guy has developed magazine fed pump-action-knife gun and in order to show his invention to the world, he has uploaded a review video on his channel.

The guy definitely takes a pride in his work and he has kept the construction of the gun quite simple. He has used wood to make his own knife gun wherever he found that the material would support the structure. In addition to the wood, he has used aluminium plates to give a structural integrity to the gun since there are a lot of critical parts of this invention which need to endure forces and jerk.

This knife gun uses the same principle as a slingshot. It has an office grade rubber band which stores the elastic potential energy and gives it to the loaded knife when a person pulls the trigger. The loading mechanism of the knife works in a similar manner as compared to an original gun, The shooter needs to pull back the loader mechanism storing the potential energy into the rubber band and the pullback mechanism then get stuck into an obstruction which gets removed once the Shooter pulls the trigger.

It is one hell of a thing and I am sure that the entire men audience of our page is going to like it you might also be interested in watching this knife gun in action. So fellas watch the video and don’t forget to subscribe to our website.

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